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For Babies and Children

For newborns and babies the session takes place where the infant is most comfortable - often in either parents arms. 

We discuss the pregnancy, the birth and any issues that may be affecting the baby or family unit. Time is then given to see what the baby wants to express.  Dialogue with the baby and his or her parents continues throughout the session. 

Young children and toddlers are also accompanied by their parents and given time to get comfortable and settle on a mat on the floor.

We take time to discuss birth and early childhood and present concerns while allowing the child to interact and express his or her story.  

Any hands-on contact is explained beforehand and is permission based.

A happy young newborn

If you’re unsure whether your birth was complicated or may have left an impact on your child, take our quick and private birth trauma self-analysis survey below to gain more of an understanding.

If you answer to yes to one or more of the following contact me to discuss further how the therapy can help

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About Therese Desorbay

Therese Desorbay

Therese is passionate about helping others learn more about their own health and encourages them to take an active role in helping themselves heal.  

With over 35 years experience in the health field, she is a nurse, craniosacral therapist and integrative baby therapist. She also has training in neuro-developmental delay and mindfulness. She brings to each treatment her experience, presence, empathy and deep listening skills.

Therese has practiced in a variety of cultural environments and treats in both English and French.

My Education

Integrative Baby Therapy
Conscious Embodiment Trainings
(Bristol, UK)

Craniosacral Therapy
College of Craniosacral Therapy
(London, UK)

Neurodevelopmental Delay Therapy
Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology
(Chester, UK)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
University of Wisconsin
(Madison, USA)