adults and adolescents

A session of craniosacral therapy takes one hour and starts with a short discussion of the client’s health history and any concerns that bring them. The client then lies fully clothed on a massage table with hands-on treatment taking about 40 minutes. Throughout the session the therapist dialogues with the client to support the treatment.

pregnant mothers

Many physical and emotional changes accompany pregnancy and supporting the body with craniosacral therapy can be helpful in preparing for the birth. Sessions can be adapted to the needs of the mother: in a chair or postioning on one's side to maximize comfort and meet individual needs.

newborns and babies

For newborns and babies a session takes place where the baby is most comfortable- often in either parents arms. We discuss pregnancy, birth and issues that may be affecting the baby or family unit. Time is then given to see what the baby want to express.  Dialogue with the baby and his or her parents continue throughout session. Any hands-on contact is explained beforehand and permission based.

toddlers and children

Young children and toddlers are also accompanied by their parents and given time to get comfortable and settle on a mat on the floor. We take time to discuss birth and early childhood and present concerns while allowing child to play and express his or her story.  Any hands-on contact is explained beforehand and permission based.

distant session

Please make an appointment to connect at a scheduled time via phone/Skype/WhatsApp.

The session begins with a short discussion of health history and any specific concerns.

Adults can then find a comfortable and quiet place to lie down where you won't be disturbed. Families with children or small babies can find a place to sit together either on a sofa or on pillows on the floor.

Place your phone or computer nearby so we can continue dialogue throughout.

At the end of session there will be a time for questions and discussion.

To book a session or for further information:

Telephone/WhatsApp +41 (0)79 633 0826


Cost of session 120 CHF

Payment in cash, bank transfer or PayPal


I am ASCA registered, enabling reimbursement with some Swiss health insurances.

Please note that an appointment cancelled within less than 24 hours prior to the session will be charged.